What is NQS?
NQS is an External Quality Assessment method using proficiency testing schemes. These are interlaboratory comparisons organized regulary to assess the performance of analytical laboratories and the competence of the analytical personnel.
About us
NQS is developed by Nobis Labordiagnostica having 20 years of experience in offering solutions for medical laboratories. Our rich history of being a distributor of External Quality Assessment with schemes organized according to ISO 17043 provisions helped us to become one of the market leaders in Romania and build a considerable presence in the international market as well.
Our vision
We aim at providing quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.
What do we offer?
complete coverage of all fields of
medical laboratories
client-oriented attitude
young and devoted team
integrity and strong business ethics
in all aspects of our work
promptitude in solving your requests
user-friendly online data entry
high quality proficiency testing
schemes at reasonable prices
Our mission
Our goal is to provide high quality services for medical laboratories, that can be the base in assuring the reliability for their analysis. Combining our external quality schemes with a good internal control, the laboratory can reach the total quality, that is the core principle of a trustworthy result for its patients.
More about NQS
NQS provides a full solution to medical laboratories both in the public and private spheres. It offers a convenient solution for labs with ISO 15189:2013 accreditation – among others – that are obliged to participate in quality assessment programs. How does NQS work? After receiving the samples, we test them, submit the results, analyze those and report to the laboratory.
Our tests include
Clinical chemistry
Urine-strip and
Specific proteins
Urine chemistry
Blood group
Blood smear
Helicobacter pylori
Fecal occult blood
Infectious disease
Vaginal cytology
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